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its not gay if its in space its not gay if its in space


Try me.

real nigga horror movie


*wife and I move into our new house* 

bae: wow :) it’s even bigger than I thought lets unpack our things.

*unpacks a creepy ass doll* 

bae: wow, how’d this get in here I haven’t seen this since my childhood..I swore we threw it away years ago? oh well..*she tries to put that obvious demon shit up on the dresser in our room*




what the fuck



now THAT’S a meme……simply exquisite!

This is an excellent vintage meme. The mixture really brings out the best of both components.

A 2007 I’d imagine. What makes this meme especially fascinating is the textwork. This was made during the short length of time between memes not yet having their defined outlined-Impact text. The Impact has obviously been included, but still uses the one-toned coloring that would be commonly seen with a variety of fonts.

I imagine this would usually be used behind the “spoiler image” feature, making the best of its abilities. Truly an intriguing meme.

u ever just look at yourself and say damn…… thats a nice ass meme


holy shit


when someone says they dont like me